The Real Cost of Not Having a Security System

As a business owner, you are naturally hesitant to spend money on things of questionable value for your enterprise. Financial security for your company requires strong budgeting skills, after all. But as important as it is to avoid unnecessary spending, it is just as important to invest when necessary to boost your business. There are costs associated with failing to invest in the right things—a fact that is especially true when it comes to security systems. Not having a business security system may wind up costing you far more over the long-term than it would have to install a security system now.

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Business Security Options for 2018-19

Protecting your business with a robust security system has always been important, but the tools available to provide this protection have improved in many ways with the advance of technology. Some strategies, like fencing your property to limit access, has changed in mostly minor ways, while other strategies, like controlling access at doors and entrances, has changed drastically. In 2018-2019, there are more powerful business security systems than ever before—options you should be aware of as a business owner.

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Herring Technology Bussiness Security Systems

How to Improve Business Security with Perimeter Gates

It took a considerable amount of time, energy and passion to build your business to the point where it is today. As a business owner, you need to protect what you have built—both to avoid theft and damage and to maintain stability so you can continue to focus on growth. Perimeter gates are one of the most effective tools you can use to provide this protection. They can help you to guard your business and maintain control over your area. Business security gates are an investment in the future of your enterprise.

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7 Things to Consider When Installing an Access Control System

An access control system is a piece of security equipment that authorizes and restricts entrance to specific areas of your company. It can help protect your employees, assets, and confidential information. It will record who enters and leaves areas of your facility and maintains real-time reports of data. There are many different access control systems available on the market that offer various features. At Herring Technology, we understand security is a critical component of your business and want to make it easier for you to choose one that will give you unparalleled protection. We’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask before investing in an access control system.

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How to Develop a Security Plan for Your Business

It’s not enough for businesses to rely on lock and a key as the primary source of protection for their employees and commercial property. Security is a complex subject. There are a lot of working parts and is based off several different factors, but it’s critical. The most effective method is to employ a security plan. Security plans or strategies should help organizations identify areas that need improvement and provide solutions when issues arise. All of which need to happen on an individual and corporate level. An effective strategy will reduce threats, both internal and external and streamline the process to find a resolution quickly. We’ve addressed how to proceed with this plan in just a few steps. Read more

The Best Systems to Improve On-Site School Security

As we are closing out our fourth month of 2018, the country has had 20 school shootings where students and faculty were either hurt or fatally injured. The violence of these crimes are astounding and has left many schools wondering what options they have to keep their student body safe from these heinous crimes. Below we’ve highlighted some of the recent school shootings and provided some suggestions to beef up security. Read more

How to Develop and Improve Church Security

Security has reached a new tipping point for churches all across America. From vandalism to shootings, parishes all over the country are taking the necessary steps to improve the safety of their members and their building. At Herring Technology, we believe our expertise in providing Nashville with commercial security systems are beneficial to churches as well. We have rounded up some of our best safety tips to help keep you and your church members stay protected. Read more

5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your CCTV Camera

Times have changed and merely locking the door at the end of a long business day is not enough. Applying advanced surveillance equipment in and around your building will provide a layer of protection in the event of a robbery. Burglaries happen every 13 seconds, and the police are only able to solve 13% of the break-ins reported. Utilizing CCTV cameras can help business owners thwart theft and identify intruders.

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Security Systems for Banks and Financial Institutions

Nothing is more important than providing your business with commercial-grade surveillance systems that protect you, your employees, and assets. Many companies work with sensitive information or large quantities of money that would benefit from state-of-the-art systems that offered maximum security and total flexibility. Ineffective technology can create security “blind spots” that leave you vulnerable. By implementing multiple devices, you have access to different features that provide additional layers of protection for your financial institution. Read more