Watch Out for Offline Identity Theft

With so much emphasis on data breaches and online identity theft, it is easy to lose sight of other dangers. Online identity theft might be frightening, but many identity thieves are working just as hard in the offline world. If you are ignoring these offline sources of identity theft and data loss, you are doing so at your peril. Read more

22 Most Commonly Shoplifted items

According to a study by The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, there are approximately 27 million shoplifters (that’s 1 in 11 people) in the United States, and in 2014 alone, shoplifting and fraud accounted for over $44 Billion in losses for businesses. Fingers point to a struggling economy and high unemployment rates as a reason, but in reality, shoplifting is present in any economy. So what exactly are shoplifters stealing? Read more